This is over the top service!

Hi Gray,

Whew, another successful tax season behind us. From our vantage point not too successful; because, for the first time in a long time we owed Uncle Sam. I appreciate you talking with me about options to minimize this year end amount and was quite surprised to find enclosed with our tax info, four addressed envelopes and the forms for quarterly tax filing, along with instructions. This is over the top service!

When we moved to Orlando four years ago, we didn’t know where to turn to have our taxes completed and get some tax counseling along the way. Counseling in the sense that I had moving expenses, stock option cash outs, grants, dividends, international taxes, a job change and multi state returns. When our Financial Planner referred us to your office you took the time to meet with Monica and I to better understand us and our portfolio. For the past four year we’ve entrusted our tax filing and counseling with you. I appreciate you responding via emails and phone calls when I had a question about our boys moving on to full time employment, gifts to minors and the like.

Even though I’m not a big fan of the University of Florida, we’ll continue to seek your counsel. 🙂

Senior Director, Facilities






adminGrayLaneThis is over the top service!